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No tax experience required, we do all the work for you.

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The Halon Century System

Use our tax services to build the 100 client practice. We will show you step by step how to
create a firm that generates $250,000 in revenue.

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Offer Tax

Every bookkeeper and financial accountant that uses Halon must complete our training course Halon University.

When complete you will be a Halon Certified Tax Advisor and you will be an expert at offering tax services to your clients.

What is Halon University?   ➤➤➤

Your Own CPA Tax Team

Maybe you have a question or maybe your client does... Perhaps you want a CPA to review a tax return with you and your client...

Anything you need, the CPA tax Team is your source for help and guidance

Because we work for you year-around, our team of pros wants to make sure both you and your clients are well taken care of.

What is The CPA Tax Team?   ➤➤➤

Software Makes It All Possible

The Halon Tax Engine uses AI and machine learning to prepare tax returns that our CPA Tax Team reviews.

By using software for the time-consuming work, we can create fully prepared and reviewed tax returns in just 24 hours.

Plus, you can have multiple returns prepared at once, your tax season may take just a few days!

How does the software work?   ➤➤➤

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